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Privacy Policy

    Dear Net Users:
    The Kaohsiung City Government website respects the net user’s privacy a great deal. In order to help you understand the Kaohsiung City Government website and learn how to collect, use, and protect your personal information, please carefully read the following information about the security and protection policy for the Kaohsiung City Government website. This policy can help you understand the policies and principles of collecting, using and protecting net users’ personal information when you are using the Kaohsiung Municipal City website and its extended services.
    Scope of Application
    The privacy protection policies below are in force for net users when using the Kaohsiung City Government Website and its extended website (mainly including the domain of and in principle) when you are engaging in any activities on these websites, involving gathering information for personal use and protecting personal information. However, they are not applicable to the other websites linked from our website. While you are engaging in any activities on these websites concerning the protection of personal data, the privacy protection policies of those websites will govern.
    Net users’ personal information is collected through the following channels:
    • Online activity and Web questionnaire:Sun Yat-Sen University, which is situated in HsiZiWan (or Western Bay) was established in 1980. Its colleges include the College of Liberal Arts, College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Management and College of Marine Sciences.

      When you participate in the Kaohsiung City Government’s online activity or Web questionnaire, you may be required to provide personal information such as your name, ID card number, telephone number, e-mail address, and residential address. You may also participate in lottery activities, contests, or sales campaigns sponsored by other websites or institutions through the hyperlinks on our website. Concerning the protection of your personal information, these institutions or websites have their own privacy protection policies. The privacy protection policies of Kaohsiung City Government’s website cannot and will not apply in these conditions. In addition, the website will not take any related legal responsibility in the unlikely event of any unforeseen consequences or losses incurred.
    • Browsing:The Kaohsiung City Government website will retain the log created by the server automatically, including IP address, log-in time, browsers used, and the information clicked, when the net users are browsing or checking for information. The website will indicate the web browsers used by the net users and summarize the browsers used for browsing the information on our official website. Except for the supply of your personal information upon consent, our official website cannot and will not locate any corresponding relationship between your personal information within the log.
    • Others:Other than supplying your personal information upon consent, you may also provide your personal information, such as e-mail address, name, etc, in the forum of our website. The privacy of such kind of information will not be included in the scope of the protection of privacy information. In addition, if you contact the Kaohsiung City Government website by writing or reflecting your ideas through another medium, our official website will retain the correspondence and handling records.
    The use of personal cookies and policies
    In order to provide personalized service, we will use cookies technology to save and trace the data left by users in a particular period. Cookies are little pieces of information sent from our official website to your browser and stored in the users’ computer. The users can use the “Advanced” “Setup” in Netscape or the “Security” in “Option” of Internet Explorer to adjus your degree of acceptance, including whether to "accept all Cookies".to "inform me when receiving Cookies", or to "refuse all Cookies". If you choose to refuse all Cookies, you may not enjoy personalized service orbe able to participate in some of the activities.

    In general, our official website will read and write cookies in the users’ browsers in accordance with the following purposes and situations:
    • For better and more personalized service:For your convenience or personalized interaction. cookies will be generated when you register or log on to our official website. They will be updated when you log off.
    • In order to calculate the number of browsers or analyze the browsing patterns:For understanding the conditions of the WebPages being browsed for reference to improve our service.
    • Tracing clicks on campaign advertisements or sales campaigns:When sending out electronic papers or sponsoring promotional activities sometimes we will write cookies to trace the users’ degree of participation and related data during the whole campaign.
    Use of Personal Information
    Kaohsiung City Government website will not sell, rent, or trade any personal information with other individuals or groups without prior consent. Only in the following conditions will our official website supply your personal information for the use of a third party in accordance with this principle.
    • Online activity or Web survey:The names and ID card numbers collected by our website will be used for lottery activities only. Concerning the information such as your telephone number, e-mail address, and residential address, they are used for informing the interviewees regarding the results of the lottery and analysis. They will not be used for any other purposes. For the rest of the information, they are only for the use of service analysis and academic research. Except if the interviewees give their consent, all information will be for analysis use only. Our website will not use this information for any other purpose.
    • Statistics and Analysis:Our website will conduct internal research on the users’ number, interests, and behaviors according to the survey, promotion activities, or the servers’ logs. This research is the analysis and summary according to the users’ information. Meanwhile, the announced information or analytical report will be investigated and publicized for all users concerning their overall behavior. We will not offer any report or analysis on a particular individual.
    The Sharing and Announcement of the Information
    Kaohsiung City Government website will not sell, rent, or trade any personal information with other individuals or groups without their prior consent. Only in the following conditions will our website supply your personal information for the use of a third party in accordance with this principle.
    • For offering you other services or bonuses:When our website needs to share your information with a third party concerning the offering of services and bonuses, we will supply sufficient explanation during the activities and inform you before collecting the information. You can choose to accept this particular service or bonus or not.
    • For enhancing the service quality, evaluation, and research:In order to offer the users accurate and quality services, our official website will compare the users’ information with the third party’s holding according to the information security agreement. In addition, in order to introduce further services and for other legal purposes we will provide your personal information to future partners, advertising companies, or other institutions. Our official website will announce user statistics in an anonymous manner.
    • Others:Our official website is responsible for protecting the users’ privacy and personal information. We will not alter, delete, or provide in part or in full any of the users’ information or files without their personal consent. Except with your prior consent or according to the following conditions:
      Investigation by the legal institutions of the R.O.C. through the due process of the law;(2) Violation of the website’s regulations to the extent of creating certain threats;(3) Based on the consideration of extending the benefits of government websites(4) Protecting the legal use of other users
    Amendment of the Protection Policy concerning Privacy and Information Security
    Our official website will amend this policy irregularly to comply with the latest developments in the domain of privacy protection. When major amendments are made concerning the use of personal information, we will announce related news in the website to inform you of the related matters.